About Molmisa Brand

The Molmisa Brand© is your new family in lifestyle and daily wear. 

Every stitch is made of love, hard work, and inspiration to create a dent in a fast-paced world. The Molmisa Brand© sprouted during the wave of the global pandemic brought by COVID-19, where families were devastated due to food shortages, loss of jobs, and uncertainty in health security. 

Molmisa Brand© stepped up to ignite hope by providing jobs with local-based tailors who create our collections from pattern-making, cutting, sewing, and folding for delivery. Filipino sewers specially make every stitch for the Molmisa Brand© collections. 🇵🇭

Since 2021, our team has been highly invested in research and development and outsourcing the best and trendy fabrics that can make the brand vision come into reality. Our founders, Marlon and Monica, picked and engineered the designs first-hand through their local and international travels. 

After two years of trial and learning, the Molmisa Brand© is happy to launch the Molmisa Brand© Original Hoodie Shirt, the debut and core design of the brand. It is a high-quality hoodie shirt that is a product of collective design inspiration from Japan, Vietnam, and the Philippines. 

At the heart of our products is the passion for collaboration with experts in the field of fashion, artists, talents, and ordinary people who have something to share and spark hope through our collections.

Through our expansive and growing influence, the brand will launch more designs and apparel in the next few months. Join us! You are always welcome to our family.