Your new family in lifestyle and daily wear. 

Molmisa Brand® is a family-oriented fashion and daily lifestyle brand that aims to celebrate hope and confidence with quality-tailored apparel and timeless clothing collections. With a focus on quality and design, Molmisa Brand® ensures that each piece of clothing reflects its commitment to excellence. Whether looking for stylish clothing for yourself or your family, Molmisa Brand® has something for everyone.


To impact every family, community, and generation by producing high-quality apparel rooted in purpose, inspiration, hard work, stories, and culture. 


To see everyone in every home, in every city across the globe wearing the Molmisa Brand® and promoting hope to the world they are in. 

Our Story

Every stitch is made of love, hard work, and inspiration to create a dent in a fast-paced world. The Molmisa Brand® sprouted during the wave of the global pandemic brought by COVID-19, where families were devastated due to food shortages, loss of jobs, and uncertainty in health security. 

Molmisa Brand® stepped up to ignite hope by providing jobs with local-based tailors who create our collections from pattern-making, cutting, sewing, and folding for delivery. Filipino sewers specially make every stitch for the Molmisa Brand® collections.

Concerns? We are reachable.